a1 - Still Around

thanks to BuDoK on (1-4-2001)

In this life of uncertainly 
There are people that we all need 
Someone to face you, with no disguise 
In you there's a remedy 
That makes everyday seem trouble free 
No distance and no device 

'Cos you hear the words 
When no one understands 

When my world has come undone 
And I've lost my setting sun 
When all I see are clouds 
You're still around 
When I fall into a tear 
Inspirations disapper 
You clear away that doubt 
'cos you're still, you're still around 

Now I've stumbied on uncertainly 
Never thought this could ever be 
No contradictions left inside 
When I feel the rain come my way 
You give me sun you're my brighfer day 
Infuition's felling me to stay 

'Cos you hear the words 
When nothing's left to say 




Chorus x2 


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