a1 - No More

by Michelle on (3-4-2001)

you say you're gonna work it out 
then you say u're having doubts
tellin' me u'll walk away
but then u go and stay
you're calling me day and night
sayin' he don't treat u right
then u always turn around
and give him one more try

pre chorus
baby u know it isn't fair
you expect me to be there
but we never get nowhere

i got one fool out the door
i don't wanna hear 'bout him no more
i'll make a long story short
time to make up ur mind girl
no more back and forth
i don't wanna hear 'bout him no more
if i'm not what u want
i don't wanna hear no more

stop telling me u need more time
tired of the same old line
better make a move or u are gonna find
i ain't taken it
coz u know it's wrong
better let him know it's time to go
you're movin' on
baby you don't know how close
i am to being gone

repeat pre chorus

i don't wanna hear no more
if u're sure that u really love me
i don't wanna hear no more
out the door if u still don't know
i been there for u
and u know it's true 
you belong with me
what u gonna do

repeat chorus 


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